Some Of The Best Video Games That Will Steal Your Heart In 2016 – A List For The Gamers

If you’re someone who is aware of the trends of the gaming industry, you must be aware of the unusually brilliant first-half of the year that the industry spent. As we gradually move towards the month of July, our thoughts keep hovering over E3 ad upcoming games. From the musical to the devilish, heart-wrenchingly brave to bombastic, it has indeed been the eclectic 5 months of gaming and cool news. Hence without much ado, let’s take a quick look at the hot favorite games of this year which is most likely going to steal your heart away.

Best Video Games


Format: PS4 Developer: Harmonix

Amplitude is a blistering rhythm-action comeback of the sci-fi synaesthesia of Harmonix.

Why you would like it This video game may lack for a bit of variety and longevity but the core of Amplitude lies in sweeping a ship from one side to the other to maintain the rolling of a thumping electronic track is definitely compelling and intriguing. You being in charge of the various samples and instruments will also shower you with the sense of ownership over tracks which the other rhythm-action games can’t possibly match.

This game has been released on the 5th of January.

Pony Island

Format: PC Developer: Daniel Mullins

If you’ve been looking for a cute game, you may check out this game developed by the devil himself to save his own soul.

Why you would like it This game is a brilliantly conniving piece of art which gradually worms into your head the more you start playing with it. It doesn’t break the 4th wall as weaponise it, thereby making it a game that plays you. To say more would just spoil the charm of the game but it is definitely worth checking out.

This game has been released on the 4th of January.

That Dragon, Cancer

Formats: PC, Mac and Ouya Developer: Numinous games

This is a brave and wrenching biographical work from Ryan and Amy Green which offers interactive vignettes during the phase of their son’s battle with cancer.

Why you would like it This is an altogether difficult gaming experience. The Dragon, Cancer, challenges you in different ways which you may not expect. This game is a deeply personal one and it asks you to play an observer to this heart-breaking period in their family. The warmth of the Greens welcomes you and averting the real issue of the feeling like a voyeuristic exercise, you have to act accordingly. They want to share their plight, the discordant and inexplicable cadence of hope and grief. Due to its harrowing memories and jarring allegories, you will get the feeling of your parents trying to make sense out of the insensible.

This game has been released on the 12th of January.

So, if you’re desperately looking forward to something cool about video games that are going to hit the market this year, you may consider taking into account the above mentioned gaming options.

Sanford K Kratzer