Party Games with AirConsole

When we were younger, the technology to link up millions of gaming consoles through the internet was only in its infancy. The bandwidth and speed necessary to make that possible simply did not exist in the majority of homes yet. So what did we do? We invited our friends over and played local multiplayer video games, of course!

Now, on the one hand, we really enjoy the fact that massive multiplayer games have revolutionized gaming and you can now play with millions of people rather than a handful of your old friends. But on the other hand, we kind of miss being able to play local multiplayer with a few of our close friends. Gaming companies were simply not including that functionality as much anymore, and the whole concept of local multiplayer has fallen by the wayside.

AirConsole has solved this problem, however. They have sought to bring back the social side of gaming by creating a mobile console gaming system that can be played on any computer or smart TV with an internet connection. You can use your smartphone, tablet, or any other mobile device capable of connecting to the internet. The devices sync up to the session on your browser, and your smartphoneor tablet instantly becomes your controller.

It is not just kids who enjoy the social side of gaming – AirConsole realizes that adults love it, too! Since some of these games were developed specifically for adults, it was a natural extension of the entire idea of AirConsole to create a few games that were just for parties.

The best part about AirConsole is it requires no special preparation to play. If you want to start up a game all you have to do is fire up your desktop computer or your smart TV and sync your smartphones to the browser session. Once that is done, you can start playing and have a great time with your friends and family.

Party Games with AirConsole

Balloon Party

Balloon Party is one of the cool new party games that AirConsole offers. It is perfect for parties because it is simple, fast, and best of all fun. It can be played by four or more players. You can even decide to turn it into a drinking game!

How do you play? First, you select your avatar. Avatars have different styles of hair and clothing, so picking the one that matches you best. As soon as you have done that, you can begin the party by popping balloons.

Your job is to jump on top of balloons in order to make them pop. They can also head butt balloons. The scoring depends on what style of game you want to play. In fact, Balloon Party has 5 different ways you can play. You can pop your own balloons, pop the most balloons, pop your opponent’s balloons, or prevent your balloons from being sucked into a black vortex from where they will never return.

Balloon Party is so fast paced that it can be turned into a drinking game with your fellow adult friends. Regardless of which game you choose, the losers can be made to drink each time they have lost a game.

While Balloon Party is a great game for partying with friends, it is also awesome for families to play too. The best part is that you do not need a large group of people to play Balloon Party or any of the AirConsole games.

Social Gaming with AirConsole

Many of AirConsole’s best games are perfectly suitable for two player action. So if you are sitting around with your roommate or your significant other, you can grab a bottle of wine, a couple brews, and enjoy a little social gaming together. They make it easy to get started.

Video games have gotten a lot of positive and negative press over the years with various studies proving they are either beneficial or harmful depending on who you ask. But the truth is everyone needs a little time to relax, and socializing with your friends by playing games is a time-honored tradition that spans across the generations.

With board games, you have to plan everything in advance. Most of the time we find that real party games happen spontaneously when people spend time together. AirConsole offers some great options for folks who want to get together and have a little fun.

So next time you are having a get-together, keep AirConsole in mind. It is free to begin right away, and there is never any expensive software or hardware to get started. All you need is the technology that you already own. You and your friends will have hours of entertainment!

Sanford K Kratzer