Make money – and fast!

If you play Hay Day, you know how important it is to make money to advance in the game.  Fortunately, there are lots of ways to do that in the game.  Unfortunately, not all of these ways are the most effective.  For best results, plant wheat.  Plant it as often as you can and in as many places as you can afford.  Once the wheat crops grow, you can harvest them and sell off the surplus.

If growing and selling wheat isn’t exciting enough for you, think of it this way:  The money you make from selling wheat can help you to buy more land and do more things to expand in the game.

Go for diamonds

Diamonds are the ultimate currency in Hay day.  As you play, try to get your hands on as many diamonds as you can.  Sure, you can buy them via an in-app purchase, but that will quickly deplete your real-life wallet.  Earning them in the game is a more economical – and fun! – approach.  There are several ways to earn diamonds, including:

Just by levelling up – you’ll get one or two diamonds each time

Follow Hay Day on Facebook:  Just for being a fan, you’ll get a diamond.  What’s more, you’ll have the chance to enter contests promoted on their Facebook page where you can earn more diamonds.

Complete achievements:  You’ll get more diamonds each time you do.

Look for mystery boxes:  You never know where you’ll find them, and they often will contain diamonds.

Look for movie tickets:  Basically, if you agree to watch a short trailer for another app, you’ll earn a free diamond.

Make use of newspapers

If you’ve never taken notice of the newspapers in Hay Day, you should start.  Use your own newspapers or steal other people’s as a quick way to make some money in the game.

Don’t let yourself get desperate

It’s always best to try to keep up a reserve of money so you don’t find yourself in a situation where you desperately need to make money.  Sell your goods at peak prices rather than having to settle for bargain basement prices just so you can make some money.

Automate your game

Even when you aren’t actively playing Hay Day, the game continues to carry on in the background.  Make use of that!  Plant your crops in the evening.  They’ll grow overnight while you sleep, and then you can harvest them in the morning and sell them.

Making money in Hay Day doesn’t have to be a challenge.  By using these tips, you’ll not only make more money in the game, you’ll also increase your enjoyment level of the game as your frustration goes down.  There are other ways to make money in the game, too, but these are some of the best, most efficient ways to earn those precious diamonds.

Sanford K Kratzer