Leo Privacy Guard – Higher Technological Privacy Guard for your iOS


It is not just enough to purchase a smartphone and a selfie stick and go taking snaps as well as sharing it via social media. Smartphones have more than a few inbuilt apps and the ability to store downloaded apps that can be utilized for diverse purposes. So, you shall now have installed apps like cameras for captivating HD snaps along with the fashionable filters and photo editors as well as you have video apps that are all inbuilt.

These days, each person has iPhones that are said to provide the consumer an additional edge over other phones in the market. The utilization of iPhones, its smooth body and its list of utilities make the phone very useful. Talking of the utilities of this guard, one has to keep in mind that to formulate the optimum usage of the phones we shall download as well as install additional apps. These Apps shall assist everyone to do supplementary tasks or provide information on an everyday basis.

leo Privacy Guard

So getting a QR Code reader app would be just right for you if you love shopping and would like to recognize promotion codes of the products. Talking of these types of apps, you shall go for installing an app-protector too on your iPhone. This might accumulate the apps that you set up and even assist you in protecting all the snaps as well as videos that you may take off your very personal moments too from the unwanted people.

How does the app protector work?

If you are innovative to using iPhones or smartphones for that matter, you would have to be acquainted with regarding review LEO Privacy Guard, an app guard that has been prepared to guarantee that your private files on your phone do not become unrestricted or even get accessed by unwanted people.

  • If you have videos as well as snaps that only you desire to share with a few chosen people, then make sure that you have the LEO Privacy Guard review installed on your iPhone.
  • The application is extremely light in weight and has already won fans wide-reaching. The app protector takes a mere 19.3 MB of space. Owing to their rise in popularity, the apps will come up with a newer as well as enhanced version too in the near future.
  • Review LEO Privacy Guard is an application which can be downloaded from iTunes for your iPhones and it can be used to make and sort out all your photos into designated albums. You may make a single password to padlock all applications too.

More on the superb applications from LEO:

LEO Privacy Guard proffers you an alternative of picking out any of the three ways to lock your apps. If you do not desire people to view your post or photos, just have a Touch ID for the folder. You shall also provide a PIN lock or a Dot lock for the folder or all the folders.The easiness of the application has nowadays made LEO Privacy Guard a top notch help for the top secret files in your iPhone.

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