How to Read NBA Betting Odds and Bet Types

NBA being an American sport has slightly different betting odds than European sports (mainly soccer), it is also different to the NFL and NHL betting types. Know that odds in America and American betting sites (which are the most common to host NBA bets) are usually referred to as the line. If you wish to bet on this sport William Hill offers the best NBA betting opportunities.

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NBA Rotation Numbers

Something bettors from other sports that might not be used to, rotation numbers have nothing to do with the odds. It is just there to help you determine which team plays first. For example, if the Celtics play against Miami Heat, then Celtics might be 101 and Heat 102 if they are the first match of the day.

NBA Point Spread Odds

The point spread is a bet different from the moneyline, here a favorite needs to win by a certain amount of points in order for you to win the bet, just winning the match won´t cut it. When teams are mismatched the outright winner is very easy to pick in this sport.

The favorite team will be listed with a negative number and the underdog with a positive.

Celtics +2.5

Heat    -2.5

Since Miami Heat is the favorite they have to win by 3 points or more (2.5 is to avoid a tie).

On the other hand you can bet on the Celtics to lose by a minimum of 2 points and win the bet. If they win the match you win as well.

How to Read the Stake for the NBA

The stake is how much you bet. If it shows at -110 it means you have to bet $110 to win $100, or $11 to win $10. Online sportsbooks make this calculation for you when you place the desired amount, you can see right off how much you will win. Take in mind that from that $110 win the sportsbook takes 10% as vigorish, their commission.

NBA Moneyline Odds Bet

The moneyline is the simplest of all bets, it is a direct win on whoever team you pick. Favorites will pay very little money, as little as 2% of your stake. Underdogs can pay up to 100% to 300% your stake, which is why many professionals make a living by betting on underdogs only, it is tougher to win and requires a lot of research, but the payoff is so rewarding that you can lose more than you win and still be in profit.

Celtics +120            Bet $100 to win $120

Miami Heat -140    Bet $140 to win $100

NBA Over / Under Odd Bets

These two types of odds are based on the total combined score of the game, from both teams. You bet on whether the final score will be above a certain total score or below it.

The over/under could be listed at 186.5, again the .5 is to avoid a draw between the bettor and sportsbook. If you go for the Over then the final score combined should be 187 or above. If you go for the under then the score should be below 186.

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