Gaming Dissertation Topics – 5 Topics to Write a Dissertation on Impact of Violence in Video Game

Feedbacks of general public about violence are getting more attraction towards video games. Many critics claim that these games are source of rage. Others commented that there is no to very little harm in this games. Violence in games is a justifiable subject for gaming dissertation, research, essays and articles on the effect of these leisure chases may have. Extremely influential and strong discussions and critics can be present in games dissertation. These subjects may include one of these topics.

Gaming Dissertation

  1. Impact of gaming on adolescent behaviors. This topic can help you to explore the impact that violent games are putting on younger individuals with extremely active hormones. Do these games promote the anger factor or are they just a diversion to release the steam?
  2. Are these games a kind of violent fantasy arena? Few gamers may spend several hours at a time on these games. Do these diversions healthy or is the individual creating a world of fantasy where they even gets worst as compared to other individuals who have insulted?
  3. What impacts do these violent games have on individuals’ thoughts? Do these violent types of video games really desensitize individuals to the acts of annoyance, or they teach the skills that help coping such behaviors? This gaming dissertation should be a compare or contrast type, or you can also take a side against the other.
  4. Role of the guardians and parents in letting kids to play these games. Should they take keen interest in such games, like to find which ones to be allowed at home? Should parents prohibit these types of games completely or pay no attention to them considering them as a harmless practice?
  5. Violence as a leading feature of these video games. Do violence and ruthless aggression taking over gaming arena? Is there any focus to replace the senseless rage with games of strategy?

Not a single topic given above is to be taken at lighter note. A good gaming dissertation needs looking into various literature and examining several psychological investigations. Any essay or dissertation on violence associated with video games must serve a serious purpose. Such content can teach the audience on several aspects of such kind of entertainment. Such study can help in reducing the anxiety level over video games, or alarm to the potential dangers associated with them. Educational value in such content cannot be underestimated. Violence in the games is now a big part of entertainment industry and therefore really very popular with specific segment of consumer market.

Sanford K Kratzer