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Landit Bandit is often a game that revolves around a businessman named Lander who had previously been stranded in the tropical island after his plane crashed. He remained with nothing but a suitcase full of valuable artworks. You will be playing as Marley who will help Lander to get back to the city. In order to help Lander, Marley will probably be making a helicopter in line with the style of Da Vinci. Marley will likely be taking Lander with him applying this helicopter.

This game gives you 20 tough missions and each mission features a specific timeline. If you have failed to finish the mission from the given timeframe, you will probably be returned towards the starting place. This is one important thing that made mafia wars a whole lot tougher, want . matter of moments of delay might lead to you the whole mission to fail.

Landit Bandit

I must warn you that this controls and levels of mafia wars is often a lot tougher compared to what you can possibly expect. I should congratulate the developers of farmville for developing a game that can test the skill sets and charge of the gamer. The hardest the main game may be the landing from the helicopter. Although it could be repaired whilst in mid-air, these will likely be useless if you have still did not land the helicopter properly.

Although farmville lacks a lttle bit in graphics, the action play will literally blow you away. With several story twists and add-ons that can surely result in the adventure more exciting.

This game is unquestionably one of its kind, and with the challenge of mastering the way to maneuver the helicopter properly, the sport could take you weeks one which just finish 20 missions. For the graphics, I would give this game, 2.8 from 5 stars and 5 away from 5 stars for the sport play. This is obviously a game title that all hardcore player should play.

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