Can You Make Money By Playing Video Games?

We all know the fact that there are numerous prizes that can be won if avid gamers could decide to adopt the title of being a professional gamer as there are more and more competitions offering big financial rewards for the best gamer. But in case you’re someone who wishes to earn a little bit of pocket money from the usual game habit that you have without having to take the big leap from an amateur to a professional? Well, the video game forums are all replete with tales of financial rewards and if you’re shrewd enough, you can earn more than few pennies. So, if you love to play pinball space cadet online at, here’s how you can make money from playing video games.

Playing Video Games

  • Gold and item farming

The selling and buying of virtual goods is not anything new but with the games that operate as in-game auction house, there’s enough money to be made. This is a method which has gained momentum with Diablo IIIs, the game of action role where characters choose one among 5 classes (Barbarian, Witch Doctor, Wizard, Demon Hunter or Monk) and they are tasked with battling Diablo, the Lord of Terror. Sadly enough, Blizzard have announced that both the real-money and gold auction houses will be shut down. Blizzard takes $1 out of every sale and another 15% when you pay through PayPal.

  • Testing games

Game testing or play testing is the job where big shot video game companies hire video game testers who test games when they’re being developed and report any sorts of glitches or issues which they may find out. Being a game lover, this may sound like your dream job, but you should be very careful about this money-making scheme. There are many companies which don’t pay you well and hence you need to be cautious enough.

  • Walkthroughs or unofficial guides

You may not realize this but it’s true that the walkthroughs and how-to guides usually ruin the games but that doesn’t mean that there’s a big market for them. If you consider yourself as an expert, there are different websites which give you the permission to write an eBook which you can thereafter sell. You may even try this on Amazon or on your own site but choose companies which have bigger markets and larger target audience.

Therefore, if you’re eager to earn passive income, you can try the above mentioned ways of making money by playing video games online. However be sure about the authenticity of the company you’re working with.

Sanford K Kratzer