A Pre-Review of Prehistoric Far Cry Primal

Storyline of Far Cry Primal

Thakkar being a gifted hunter, whose tribe was destroyed by a saber-toothed tiger is forced to confront the wild world of dangers. An open world (as big as in Far Cry 4)will have to be learned step by step when discovering inaccessible areas on the map. The days will alternate with nights, the heat will alternate with frost and snow drifts. So in terms of gameplay and realism, Far Cry Primal is going to be really sophisticated like some Nintendo 64 games.

One of the main features of Far Cry Primal is the ability to tame animals, and those animals can be wild bears, jaguar … or even a mammoth. Thakkar takes care of his “pets”: he feeds them, strokes them and even brings them back to life with the help of special items so the game will provide you with great opportunities to enjoy the wide possibilities that Far Cry Primal gives you. For instance, one of those things can be the ability to observe the nearby scenic areas with the help of the owl, which is controlled by Thakkar alone, acting like a modern drone.

Prehistoric Far Cry Primal

However, not all the animals are that friendly. When killing them, the protagonist improves weapons, upgrades bags, and clothes. Nevertheless, it is not about fashion trends of the Mesolithic era because Thakkar will simply not survive if he does not equip himself with good clothes.

Signal fires in the game were replaced by the familiar control towers and allow us to use a fast traveling over the locations of Oros. From time to time, you will bump into warring tribes, yelling in an awkward ancient language, on which the Ubisoft company had to work a lot.

The game will feature plenty of ways to destroy enemies which are extremely cool: you will be able to poke spears, bludgeon your enemies with clubs, axes and shoot with a bow, sneak and kill quickly and silently, and of course, you will be able to destroy your enemies with the help of domesticated animals. One simple whistle and your saber-toothed tiger gobble an enemy in just a few seconds. A feast for the eyes!

The graphics in Far Cry Primal is not revolutionary for the Far Cry series, though. The physics of the game was shifted into new prehistoric textures pleasing us with elegant reference to the theme of nature, which is so loved at Ubisoft. Steep cliffs, grassy plains, endless hills, lakes, flooded ancient fanged fish, compared with which piranha has seemed extremely friendly.

As for the system requirements, gamers will not have to have a super powerful PC. To hunt mammoths via bow, tame a huge wolf or a saber-toothed tiger, bathe in the blood of your enemies, or just wander through the open world of early Mesozoic you just need a 64-bit Windows and more or less good hardware.

The release date for Far Cry Primal on the PS4 and XboxOne is scheduled for February 23, 2016, and the PC version will be out on March 1st. In addition, we suggest you visit this page to learn more about video consoles on which this game will be released.

Sanford K Kratzer