A Look At Frozen: Double Trouble – The Free Online Game

Frozen has been one of Disney’s most popular films for children and adults of all ages. If you’re a Frozen fan, you’ll love Frozen: Double Trouble. This game allows you to play the enchanting story while also adding in some extra fun and engaging storylines.

In Frozen: Double Trouble, you must help Anna and Kristoff find Queen Elsa. Elsa’s beautiful, but dangerous, magic has frozen all of the Arendelle kingdom. You will need to navigate your way through deep snow and obstacles that are preventing Anna and Kristoff from reaching Elsa’s castle.

Interact with both Kristoff and Anna on this entertaining adventure to save Queen Elsa. Encounter guards, wolves, and avoid falling snow while on your frozen quest. It may be a cold and wintery journey, but with Kristoff’s strength and bravery and Anna’s optimism and love, you’ll achieve your goal in no time.

On your journey with Princess Anna and Kristoff, you’ll come across objects that you must gather to pass the levels. This adventure game is suitable for all ages; it’s family friendly and a great load of fun.

Frozen Double Trouble


To help Kristoff and Princess Anna through all of the epic Frozen: Double Trouble challenges, you must learn how to move the characters with the right game commands.

The controls for this game are straightforward and easy to get the hang of once you get started. It clearly explains in the game how to move the characters with the keys on your keypad.

Use the left and right key to move the character backward and forward.

Use the up arrow to jump and climb walls.

Use the down arrow to drop from platforms.

Playing as Kristoff: Use the spacebar to climb grappling points.

Playing as Anna: Use the spacebar to hide behind Olaf, throw rocks and shake snow from trees onto the wolves.


You begin the Frozen: Double Trouble journey as Kristoff, the rugged and kind mountain man. You must navigate your way from the start to the next safety point while remembering to pick up all of the rope.

As part of your quest, you must help Anna and Kristoff up the snowy mountain. There are six levels altogether; three played as Kristoff and three played as Anna. You alternate between Kristoff and Anna for each of the six levels.

The game is quite simple, but it’s still entertaining. If you get caught by a wolf or fall off a platform, you don’t just give up. It’s one of those games where you can’t help but start again; you want to succeed and reach the end.

For each level, you’re timed to see how long it takes you. You can also see how many ropes you have collected when playing Kristoff and how many crocus flowers you’ve gathered when playing as Anna. Both of these affect your overall score at the end of the level where you receive a rating out of three stars.

The game runs smoothly, and the drawn/cartoon style of the characters and scenery give it that Disney vibe. It’s very obvious that this game has had a lot of thought put into it to make it an engaging and entertaining game for Frozen fans of all ages.

Sanford K Kratzer